The focal street in Metrotown

Adjacent the Metrotown Skytrain Station, Beresford Street is a pedestrian focused stretch highlighting the very best of this exciting neighbourhood. Wide, beautifully landscaped sidewalks are adorned with boutique shops, dining, and displays of public art by world renowned artists. It’s vibrant, alive and beautiful.

Welcome Home

The simple experience of arriving home becomes a cherished moment elevating daily life. A welcoming lobby of full of space and light, adorned with natural woods, brilliant stone and gorgeous light.

Concierge Service

Front desk concierge service, a true amenity of luxury. Committed to elevating the living experience. Professional, attentive and diligent - more than just a familiar face - a trusted member of your community, building connections and improving security.

Beautiful Outdoors

The beauty of Sun Towers is carried from inside to out. Residents will enjoy the wonderful Sky Garden, a rooftop outdoor space that takes the luxury displayed throughout the interior and delivers it in a fully programmed gathering space.